The Mysterious Mr Love

A Piece for Two Performers

He’s a dapper man, a ladies man, a self-described con man with a heart of gold. And the greatest con in the world, he says, is love. His name is Mr Love, George Love, and he always travels first class. She is self-effacing, very plain, the strictly steerage type no one notices. All she’s good for, she says, is making hats and eating biscuits. Her name is Adelaide Pinchin. The Mysterious Mr Love is a small play with big ideas, unashamedly wearing its flaws with an open heart. The audience is in for a ride; destination: surprise.


By: Karoline Leach
Translation: Giorgos Valaris
Adaptation: Mimi Denissi
Direction: Elli Papakonstantinou

Performers: Eleni Kastani, Alkis Kourkoulos

Set + Costume Design: Deni Vachlioti
Lighting Design: Panagiotis Manousis


Ilisia Volonaki Theatre: 2005
Athens, Greece


Mr Love falls in his trap…

The rhythm is fast, the scenes change cinematically with excellent lighting and scenography. The balance between comedy and drama is achieved harmoniously […]

Elena Skoula  | Naftemporiki | 08.04.2005

The eternal war of sexes…

Giannis Varveris
I Kathimerini | 05.06.2005


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