ODC, After Homer’s Odyssey

This performance is built upon the interplay of three elements: Homer’s Odyssey, the performer’s free associations and the music improvisation. The director here on stage conducts the musicians and the performance and spins an ad hoc dramaturgy the ‘seams’ of which are visible to the audience. The audience has the chance to choose the Book of the Odyssey to be performed while being part of a real symposium, where they eat and drink.
Music and speech are woven together in a single narrative. The performer’s body vibrates, pushed to unprecedented directions, forced to maximise the smallest structural unit of language—word, syllable, phoneme—going against the flow of rhythm, eschewing the production of meaning for what is left unspoken.


Concept + Direction:  Elli Papakonstantinou
Translation: Dimitris Maronitis

Performers: Aglaia Pappa
Musicians on Stage: Tilemachos Mousas (electric guitar, theremin, berimbao, jaws harp, calimba, efx-lo-ops), Nikos Giousef (musical saw), Alejandro Gomez Gutierrez (flamenco guitar-palmas), Satnam Ghai (tablas), Nathan Pisoort (overtone singing-didgeridoo)

Music Composition: Tilemachos Mousas
Sound Engineer: Takis Kororos

Assistant to Director: Agapi Kousteni
Production Manager: Anastasia Chrysanthakopoulou


Alekton Theatre: 24.04-31.05.2009
Athens, Greece

XIV International Meeting of Ancient Drama: 07.07.2009
European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Delphi, Greece

Love and Death Festival: 07.2009
Lesvos, Greece

Homereia Festival: 07.08.2009
Chios, Greece

Αeschyleia Festival: 05.09.2009
Eleusis, Greece

International Festival of Experimental Theatre: 29.10-30.11.2009
Cairo, Egypt

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A positively theatrical experience, which I wholeheartedly recommend…

This explosive and epic work, by turns horrific and hilarious, appalling and endearing, is wonderfully brought to the stage thanks to Elli Papakonstantinou’s imaginative direction, Aglaia Pappa’s narrative verve, Tilemachos Moussas’ delightful music, Nikos Giousef’s exotic musical saw, Alejandro Chiacon’s expressive guitar-playing and singing, all of which conjure an energetic performance. A positively theatrical experience, which I watched two months ago inside the rose garden of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi and which I wholeheartedly recommend […]

Dimitris N. Maronitis, To Vima | 30.08.2009

Elli's Island



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