ODC… After Homer

A Piece for Seven Performers

Homer’s Odyssey and the first phase (2002-2004) of a series of hybrid performances in Greece, Europe and the USA, each of them featuring a different cast and crew. The common denominator in all the performances was the search for a new media rhapsodic narrative.

Produced by: 


Translation: Robert Fagles
Concept + Direction: Elli Papakonstantinou

Performers: Laura Plitt (dancer/performer), Panagiotis Pierakos (musician/singer), Stathis Mermigis, Irini Tiniakou, Cherryl Pickerton, Marissa Triantafillidou, Dimitris Kamarotos

Music Composition: Dimitris Kamarotos
Designer + Video Arstist: Sofia Lycouris


Opera of Cairo: Cairo, Egypt, 07-08.05.2002
Edinburgh Festival 2002: 31.07-25.08.2002
Bibliotheca Alexandrina: Inauguration Ceremony, Alexandria Egypt, 22-23.10.2002
Princeton University: New Jersey, USA, 06.04.2003
Chashama Theatre: NY, USA, 15-25.04.2003

© Elli Papakonstantinou archive
© Aris Kamarotos


An outstanding performance with a truly interesting and refreshing approach to the ancient Greek text…

[…]  Dimitris Kamarotos challenging Homer’s work with elements of minimal, rock and rap music. Here we see a DJ in the part of a rapsodos (ancient storyteller) […]

Dimitris Papanikolaou |  
BBC Worldwide | 30.08.2002

A mixture of theatre and music, a show that cannot be unnoticed…

[…] A surreal fairytale, a new truly interesting approach to the ancient Greek text… The DJ transports the audience to the dark side! An insane Picasso-esque world […]

cultureguide.com | The Hellenic Ministry of Culture | 10.2002

Greek gods getting jiggy in da club…

[…] The Prognosis: Now this ain’t strictly hip hop but it ain’t no Homer Simpson neither. Here the DJ is king and he’s casting up some seriously heavy cats: the Cyclops, the ram and all the while Odysseus is just trying to get back to his crib […] Chances of survival post-fest? Now this is a li’l bit crazy but worth the ride.

Dr Dre writing for The List | The Pitch | 01-08.08.2002

Totally mad and mesmerizing. An Odyssey that really transports you to a place where pigs can fly. See it to believe it…

The Guardian | The Guide | 15.08.2002

Fascinating, multi-media cubist experience performed with inspired confidence…

[…] These guys are so cool you just want to hang out in the underworld with them […]

Philippa Snell | Three Weeks | 08.08.2002

Thrill: great use of trance-inspired sound…

[…] An eccentric rendition of Homer’s classic Odyssey…an enthralling, sensual fairytale…an adventurous and avant-garde way presentation […]

Kristin Annexstad | Fest | 07.08.2002

[…] Based on the original ancient Greek text… a palimpsest of language-English, German, Spanish. The human voice fused with the instruments and the electronic mediums contribute to this incomparable timbre […]

Ta Nea | 21.10.2002

[…] Elli Papakonstantinou and Dimitris Kamarotos on a hazardous avant-garde trip with a variety of languages and kinds of music…between the bounds of the expressionist contemporary music and the electronic set of pop music […]

Eleftherotypia | Fest | 13.10.2002

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