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& ODC Ensemble

This edited volume includes essays by theatre critics and researchers who have closely followed ODC Ensemble, outlining the company’s journey and evolution throughout the years of the Greek crisis. The collection includes photos documenting the Ensemble’s performances and testifying to its intricate relationship with the audience. The case of ODC Ensemble highlights how theatre relates to the concept of the crisis that unearths theatre’s explosive dynamics, its potential to challenge the status quo and regenerate a collective identity.

Edited by Dimitra Kondylaki
Translation Konstantinos Tzikas
Copy Editor Panos Astithas
Art Direction Pantelis Makkas
Typography Periklis Douvitsas

NEFELI Editions, 2018
The current publication is supported by EU and Creative Lenses: Business Models for Culture (2015-2019).

ISBN: 978-960-504-213-4
© 2018, ODC Ensemble, Vyrsodepseio

Locating Richard II in contemporary Athens

A Journal of English Renaissance Studies 2019, Vol. 99(1) 113–124

Efterpi Mitsi | National and Kapodistrian University of Athens | 2019

Case study:

This case study explores changes made by ODC Ensemble, as a result of thinking about its business model and the challenges encountered as part of the process.

Bethany Rex and Lucy Kimbell | Creative Lenses | Catalyst programme, Sweden, 2019


Catalogue of the Official Hellenic participation at the Prague Quadrennial of performance design and space, 2015.

Hellenic Centre of the International Theatre Institute

Österreichische Musikzeit-schrift 05/2015

Bernhard, Jandl, Jelinek | Europäische Musik-forschungsvereinigung Wien (in German) | Vienna, 2015

Greek Theatre
in the Age
of Depression

Critical Stages: The IATC webjournal, June 2013, Issue No 8

Greece & Rome

How classical culture is transplanted into new contexts, how texts are translated and performed.

Lorna Hardwick, Oxford University Press, 2003

4th Summer Academy of the National Theatre of Greece

Fotolio & Typicon SA, 2003

By me

Models to Manifestos

A conceptual Toolkit for Arts and Culture, Olivearte Cultural Agency, 2019

The Manifest

Journal of Greek Media &
Culture, Volume 3, Issue 2, October 2017

Greek Art
in a State of Emergency

ACAR – ITI Action Committee For Artists Rights, 2015

The Outcry

By Tenessee Williams, Co-translator with Athina Maximou, Sokoli-Kouledaki Editions, 2011

The Actor and the Target

Translator. Text by Decklan Donnelan, Nefeli Editions, 2010


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