brought to the stage thanks
to Ellis imaginative direction…

Dimitris Maronitis |  To Vima | 30.08.2009

The Bacchae: a queer tragedy
“The artist, Elli Papakonstantinou has created a contemporary adaptation, which is a theatrical vortex, a performative and explosive, mixture of genres such as theater, opera, and Queer culture (…) With her impactful staging (…) this piece offers a powerful and exciting experience.”

Federic Bonfils | FOUD’ART (FR) | 18.03.2023

“In the Greek director Elli Papakonstantinou’s dense & iconoclastic version of Euripides’ Αlkestis, everything lands in a clear feminist statement…”

Lars Ring | National Swedish newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) |

Greek gods getting jiggy in da club…

Dr. Dre | The List | 01.08.2002

Nine Lives, Ten Tales
The Evening Standard, Critic’s Choice!

Nick Curtis & Nicholas de Jongh | Evening Standard | 02.04.1998

Nine Lives, Ten Tales
A highly memorable show…

Ruby Williams | What’s On | 10.05.1997

Nine Lives, Ten Tales
Wonder Woman
What is most striking is the physical bravery of the performance…

Hettie Judah | The Times | 20.05.1998

Nine Lives, Ten Tales
If you can imagine Stephen Berkoff as a working-class woman, you have some idea of this piece’s power…

Claire Smith | The Scotsman | 18.08.1997

Nine Lives, Ten Tales
Deftly imaginatively and with awe-inspiring force…

Anne Donald | The Herald | 10.08.1997

Nine Lives, Ten Tales
Critic’s Choice
As the song has it, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Respect”

Nick Curtis & Nicholas de Jongh | The Evening Standard | 02.04.1998

ODC… After Homer
An outstanding performance with a truly interesting and refreshing approach to the ancient Greek text…

Dimitris Papanikolaou | BBC Worldwide | 30.08.2002

ODC, After Homer’s Odyssey
Explosive and epic work, by turns horrific and hilarious, appalling and endearing, is wonderfully brought to the stage thanks to Ellis imaginative direction…

Dimitris Maronitis | To Vima | 30.08.2009

SKIN [Δέρμα]
Α trip to Utopia…

If theatre is an empty space that is meant to be revisited, with each new performance presented at Vyrsodepseio Papakonstantinou restructures the entire space to match her dramatic concept.

Dimitris Tsatsoulis | Eleftherotypia | 03.06.2013

Tremendous aesthetic craft; a perfect combination of different arts…

Yorgos Pefanis | CNN Greece | 25.06.2016

Totally mad and mesmerizing!

The Guide | The Guardian | 15.08.2002

The Cave
One of the best representatives of Greek avant-garde, Elli Papakonstantinou, never seizes to surprise us…

Maria Kryou | Athinorama | 28.01.2018

The Cave
Punkopera: It’s strange and beautiful, ugly and cloudy
A veritable bombardment of all senses. Eye, ear and not least brain fought to keep up… strange and beautiful, ugly and cruel…

Bent Stenbakken | | 11.08.2018

The Cave
A substantial aesthetic event…
A work that redefines the meaning of contemporary musical theatre with social meaning away from any realistic reference to prosaic complaints. A substantial aesthetic event…

Dimitris Tsatsoulis | Greek Theatre, Culture Project | 13.10.2018

The Cave
The work takes us by storm with its powerful sound and visuals from the very first minute…
Like today’s reality: a cacophony of social media, news, non-stop visual information and the voices of the multiple channels of information that bombard us […] is this reality or are we still trapped in Socrates’ cave?

Shoshana Polanco | for the Jury Members of the MusicTheatreNOW | 2018

Elli Papakonstantinou
Cph Opera Festival goes avantgarde

Such an assemblage of multiplicities, constitutes a first step towards the proliferation of an emancipatory politics of desire…

Se Mere | | 08.08.2018

Elli dares to speak out
about Painful things…

Giorgos Voudiklaris |  Popaganda | 24.06.2017

Elli is a stage director, writer, visual artist and cultural manager. Founder of ODC ENSEMBLE performing company and of art space VYRSODEPSEIO in Athens. Two dominant themes run through her artistic identity: political discourse and utopias. Elli is currently a recipient of Fulbright Artist’s Award 2018-2019 and visiting scholar at the CCRMA, Stanford University, USA. 

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